SAVRA Cares funding is to help those SAVRA community members who find themselves in an emergency situation where financial help is needed, i.e. medical emergencies, expenses related to a medical emergency (utilities, rent, etc.)

SAVRA Cares accepts all requests for individuals within our officiating community including household members.  An individual may be nominated by someone or they may nominate themselves.

Each request will be reviewed by the SAVRA Cares Committee and will be approved or declined by the SAVRA Executive Board.  A member of the SAVRA Cares Committee may contact the nominee or nominator to discuss the request or to gather further information.

The amount of funds allocated is dependent upon the need of the applicant(s) and the amount of funding available for distribution.

The person making a nomination will be sent a confirmation email that their application has been received, and the result communicated by appropriate channel.

Please fill out the following information:

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Name of Nominator
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Name of Nominee
(If nominating a SAVRA or SAVRA community member.)
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Nominee Phone
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Mailing Address
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Requested date to have the funds by:
-You may submit additional pages (by email, mail or in person) for use by the committee to better understand the specific needs (statement of bills, etc.). -I understand that acceptance of an application does not guarantee a funds allocation. -By clicking "submit" I am providing my electronic "signature" of agreement to these terms.
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Date of Request