Are you interested in refereeing volleyball?

Barb Twohig

Barb Twohig

Linda Kildew

Linda Kildew

The most important thing to do first is contact our Trainer, Barb Twohig.  She can fill you in on all the particulars of getting started...where to be and what to bring.
email  |  509.951.0132

Training Meetings

In addition to the regular General Membership (GM) meetings during the season, you also have the opportunity to attend invaluable Training Sessions.  They are generally at 5:00pm, right before the GM meetings at 6:00pm.  First year, transfer and most second year officials are expected to attend. 

Gonzaga University,
Building and Room Varies, See Schedule
(Map of Campus)

Basic Equipment

  • Whistle & Lanyard (all black or all white)

  • White Polo Shirt (It is not required immediately, but as you progress, it will need to be an official shirt with the WOA logo)

  • Navy slacks (not cotton)

  • Blue or black belt

  • ALL WHITE athletic style shoes

  • White socks (not anklets)

  • Net Chain

  • Ball Pump & Gauge

  • Yellow & Red Cards (free from Ron Walker)

  • Red Line Judge flags (optional)

As a new official, some of these items are not critical to begin with.  Ask the trainer what would be most important.

Items can be found locally, bought/ordered through Ron Walker at General Meetings (online pre-order form) or ordered online through Roof Sportswear.

Registered Officials

Once you have officially registered with Barb, she will forward your information to our Assigner, Bob Francis & Assistant Assigner, Alan Hirayama.  They will set you up in a web based game assignment program called “The Arbiter.”  You will be trained on how to use this program.